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My current studio project since 2006 is the continuation of Legelismus. All tracks were produced and mixed at Legoluft-Studio.

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homekeyboard dubs (2014)                   muttermahl (2007)

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music videos

Computer dub

Action dub

Ballad dub

A robot story

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homekeyboard dubs

The new Legoluft studio album, that will be finished in december 2014, inspired by dub and dubstep.

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This turned out to be a concept album based on Circuit Bending-loops and supported by classical drum machine sounds and hardware synthesizers. Bassist Ulf Bustorf aka 'DJ Skuff' and the bewitchingly bizzare singer Meike H. are featured on some of the tracks.

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A video to the song "Streetcircus", based on a low-quality video of the unbelievable "Menschmaschine-Mann" from Hamburg.

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