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A Legoluft-Studio project, founded in 1998 and reinvented as Legoluft in 2006. Five albums were produced in the 5 years of existence:

Feels Fine (2003)             Atari Tunes (2002)             Loch Ness (2001)

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           Die drei ??? (2000)                  Transformationen (1999)

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Feels Fine

Produced in 2003, the album "Feels fine" featured several guest musicians like pop singer Wencke "Wy" Möller, Andreas Hüging and Sue.

This album is a colorful one, bringing dance tracks, pop songs as well as atmospheres and film music tracks together.

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Atari Tunes

The 2002 album "Atari Tunes" is made up of 4 tracks that were produced from sampled Atari 2600 video game sounds.

After cutting samples for weeks, a harddrive crash deleted the sample banks, so, sadly, in the end, only 4 tracks were produced. A fateful tribute to the computer as such.


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Loch Ness

The 9-title album "Loch Ness" from 2001 is the most techno-based project I've done up to now - emphasizing beats, meant for the dancefloor.

The title "Model 406-Revolverheld" is a tribute to the sci-fi western flic "Westworld" from 1973 by Michael Crichton, and "Gezarbeltes Zumbeln" is the somewhat kitschy musical backdrop for a poem by Judith Maria Janson.

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Neue Musik für die drei ???

Being a big fan of the audio drama series Die drei Fragezeichen ??? (The three investigators) and urged by the constant decline of musical quality on the tapes, I composed new tracks to be able to present them to the then incumbant producers at Europa anzubieten.

In mid-2000, I produced 20 tracks, emphasizing theme, melody and harmony.

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Completed in 1999, this is the first album I produced using a PC sequencer and nothing else. It's mainly based on samples from different genres, making it sound very colorful. Contains samples from "Die drei ???" audio dramas (The Three Investigators), Slayer, David Sylvian, The Fixx, Roxy Music, Tangerine Dream, Beethoven, up to sound snippets from my band Experimentalband E.

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