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I've divided my sound design projects into 4 categories:

Music for Commercials

Since the beginning of 2009, I've been producing music for TV commercials in collaboration with Hamburg-based guitarist Olaf Schild and the proficient production team Musicready, who have been working in the field for many years, collecting excellent references.

Computer Games

My first computer game project was in 2007, creating the full sound design for freeware game 'Krank' by Thorsten Monsterkodi Kohnhorst, a professional programmer from Hamburg. One year later, the project Koogel, a flash-based game of skill.

[Abbildung] [Abbildung]

'Krank' belongs to the genre 'puzzle games'. By commanding a mouse-driven 'snake', different circular particles have to be joined by different methods at predefined points of action. The snake and the particles move very organically, perfectly enhancing the plant-like, 3-D-ish backgrounds.

[Abbildung] [Abbildung] [Abbildung]

The sound design comprises 4 different background themes, wich are played with matching action sounds on the different levels. 4 additional menu screen themes, containing fragments of the level soundtracks, round things up.

All further information and downloads on the 'Krank' website.

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Surround Sound

Surround sound production has been playing a role in my sound design projects since my Degree Desertation. Next to my surround production collaborations with company MO'VISION and LUNA-Studio, I've also been working on surround compositions and atmospheres at Legoluft-Studio since the beginning of 2004. I made a couple of soundtracks up to now, elaborating them as music for advertizing films / movies / TV / industrial films.

[Grafik: DTS - Digital Surround]

Some of the compositions can be downloaded here and played as follows:

The wav files are coded in 44.1 khz and 16 bit per DTS (Digital Theatre Systems) and can therefore be burned on a normal audio CD and played back using the digital out connected to a surround amp.


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Theater Sound

While studying, I conceived the sound design for several theater projects in collaboration with the course of studies "theater direction" at the Hamburg University. I mainly supported director Sybille Dudeck, who finished her studies successfully in 2003 and can now make her wonderful, new ideas come to life in Vienna and Koblenz.

I created the sound design for four of her projects in Hamburg. Here are some excerpts for "Woyzeck" (2001) and "Fremdkörper" (2002).

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