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Monomal & Muttermahl

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In June 2004, Jürgen Monomal Hueske and I brought the open source live project "Monomal & Muttermahl" to life.


We follow a rather strict concept until today:

Many years at Experimentalband E helped us develop a special sound rapidly. Deconstructed Beats, sounds and samples produced by circuit bending keyboards and drumcomputers are combinied in different styles. We are acting directly to random soundexplosions of the modified instruments in an experimental und intuitve way. In some sessions we are using soundssamples of exloitation- and kungfu-video genres.

The 4-headed live band Fujikato, again, evolved from Monomal & Muttermahl.

Since 2011 the video artist TrashTierTV features us with with experimental live videosscapes produced by WJ-MX10 feedbacks. Here you can see a live-demo:

zwitschern from TrashTierTV on Vimeo.

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