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10.43 PM, Dec.18, 2005, Meanie Bar, Hamburg, St. Pauli: 'Fujikato' is born at a spontaneous live performance at 'Wassn Dass Club'.


With Monomal & Muttermahl behind the modified Casio-Keyboards Frank Hoeger (drums) and Ulf Bustorf alias "DJ Skuff" (bass) produce a sort of circuit-bent-electro-krautrock, driven by "Mikromonster" Meike H.'s vocals.

Since October 2006, 'Fujikato' mainly performs without drums, emphasizing electronic 'Casio' dance beats and Asian trash movie samples - as live sessions only, without preprogrammed elements or texts/ melodies. In the course of many sessions, akin parts and structures emerged, developed into a certain style and go on evolving.

The first Fujikato-CD (January, 2007) can be ordered at my place Legoluft.


Here you can see some photos of a live performance in 'Lottas Bar' on Feb. 23, 2007 in Hamburg:

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