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The experimental band E was brought to life in 1990 by Volker "Chester" Abbing (vocals, bass and guitar), Jürgen "Politbüro" Hueske (sax, tapes, keys and vocals), Gilbert "Hiob" Redemann (drums and crys) and myself (keyboards and mixers).

E was meant as an antipole to the thoroughly structured and styled, socially as well as musically, especially in respect to our hometown province of Münsterland. Strongly inspired by the brilliant krautrock band CAN, we only played sessions which were always recorded with minimal, improvised equipment.

Besides over 50 compact audio cassettes (archiving in process), a couple of V8 tapes, several live performances and 2 live videos, we published a 90-minute CD in 1997 (500 copy edition) that can be ordered at my place.

Visit the official website for more information and sounds.

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E has been hibernating for the past few years, but the main idea is still alive and kicking the project Monomal & Muttermahl. > music > livemusic > Experimental-Band E